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Nude Etiquette at Private Clubs

1. Where Do You Get Undressed?

Few nudist clubs have changing rooms. At most clubs, the parking lot is out of public view and many people undress there. You may remove your clothing anywhere it is convenient. Itís wise to bring along a large beach bag to store your clothes.

2. How Do You Safeguard Valuables?

Itís true that nudist clubs seldom have problems with pilferage but you should still take care. As few clubs have lockers to store your belongings, you might want to place them in your carís trunk, making sure you donít lock your keys in too! Some clubs have clothing accessories such as wrist bands where you can store keys and cash.

3. Is Nudity Mandatory?

At nearly all clubs you should assume that nudity (when the weather is cooperating) is mandatory. At many Ďclothing optionalí clubs, nudity may be required when entering the pool or hot tub.

4. How Do Women Cope During Their Monthly Cycle?

Many wear bikini bottoms and just go topless.

5. Before Entering A Pool Or Hot Tub:

Always shower first. Note: some clubs have separate showers for men and women while others do not. Quite often, outside showers are open to view - many naturists consider co-ed showers not only refreshing but a wonderful social opportunity as well.

6. Do You Have To Dress For Dinner?

Some clubs yes; some no. Often, it is your choice but remember to sit on a towel if you are nude. But always ask first!

7. Should You Dress For A Dance?

Some clubs prefer you dance with clothes on while others leave the decision up to you. Again, it is wise to ask the club ahead of time.

Nude Etiquette on Public Lands (Beaches, Rivers, Lakes, etc.)

1. Stay Out Of Dunes and other environmentally sensitive areas.

2. Help With Litter by bringing along a trash bag.

Carry out more than you carry in.

3. Donít Stray Out Of Nude Areas.

Be careful not to wander into a clothed area.

4. Appropriate Nude Areas:

Is the site private, secluded? Are other people nude when you arrive? Ideally, it should be state-owned land. If you arrive at a logical skinny-dipping area and no one is present, your nudity should establish the site as nude for as long as you are there. However, just because you are nude doesnít mean other people who arrive later should join in. As this is public property, there is no requirement or need for anyone else to undress. If you arrive at a place and everyone is clothed - it would be rude for you to be otherwise unless you ask first.

5. Obey Parking Regulations and other posted rules.

Nude Etiquette at Clubs and Public Lands

1. Overt Sexual Activity and Exhibitionism is unacceptable.

2. Ask Permission to Take Photographs.

In general, the best advice is to leave the camera at home. Photography is a very popular pastime but first you need to win the trust and friendship of other nudes.

3. Respect the Privacy of Others.

Some people go to a nude beach or resort for quiet time and would rather not be disturbed. Single women are no exception. It is not wrong for a single man to approach a woman but it is rude if he monopolizes her time when the welcome mat was never put out.

4. Come Prepared.

When going to a nude beach or club, remember to bring everything you need; lawn chairs, suntan lotion, food, beverage and towels. Mooching will not make you any friends.

5. Always Sit on a Towel.

This applies especially to both private clubs and events. Bare buns are great but a chair, lounge, sofa or bench requires a towel before sitting down.

6. Maintain Eye Contact.

Important in any social setting, it is imperative for newcomers to a nude setting to make a good first impression. Staring is rude.

7. Smoking.

Naturists who do smoke are the most considerate smokers on the face of the earth! They always check first to see if there are any restrictions on where they can light up. Naturists also see to it that their smoke does not invade the space of non-smokers. And unlike their clothed counterparts, they would never dream of disposing a butt by dropping it on the ground.

8. Speak Up For Standards.

If a person is unaware of nude etiquette, explain it kindly and plainly. Rude behavior is out of place at any social gathering, clothed or unclothed. If we say or do nothing when someone gets out of line, we are condoning their actions.

9. Be Considerate and Respect Others.

Of course.

10. Is It Easy to Make Friends?

Yes. Introduce yourself to the first person you see and before you know it, youíll feel like part of the family.

11. When in Doubt About Proper Nude Etiquette:

Ask a question!



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