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Brassière Myths Busted

Most people assume that not wearing a brassière is a privilege for the small breasted.

There is an unfortunate and confusing taboo surrounding not wearing a bra. It is often linked with lesbians, feminists, and women seeking sexual attention.

A stunningly beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous genetic girl or woman is happy that her nipples are poking through their shirt when it is cold, and is proud of her real breast size and shape being known. She is accustomed not to wearing a bra, and believes that it is natural and normal not to do so.

MYTH: Bras provide comfort and necessary support. Busted!

FACT: The support a brassière gives is mostly psychological. Granted, if you are extremely heavy breasted, wearing a brassière can feel more comfortable than going without (we are talking triple D and beyond here), but for the average breast size, wearing a brassière is basically unnecessary. Check out this study from the Female Intelligence Agency done in France:

250 women who practiced sports stopped wearing a bra for one year. They were followed regularly with questionnaires and biometric measurements. At the 6-week checkup, the ladies experienced some discomfort from abandoning the bra, but this disappeared later, and by the end of the year 88% of the women reported improved comfort compared to before the study.

If you think about it evolutionarily, our bodies were not made to need extra support.

MYTH: Bras prevent sagging breasts. Busted!

FACT: Wearing a brassière prevents breasts from sagging while you are wearing the bra, but once you take it off, your breasts are actually more likely to sag than if you never wore a bra.

Believe it or not, breasts are going to sag eventually no matter what. It happens naturally over time for every woman (unless you have very small breasts) because there are no muscles in breasts and gravity is a thing. However, the ligaments in your breasts are there to support you—that’s literally their job. If strong enough, they can postpone and lessen the inevitable sagging. When you wear a bra, the ligaments in your breasts atrophy and get weaker because they are not being used, and then they can’t do their job when they need to! The only time it makes medical sense to wear a brassière is when jogging or working out. Severe bouncing in large breasts can put a strain on the ligaments and sometimes injure them, so if you’re athletic, don’t throw out your sports bras!

MYTH: Bras assist in shaping the breasts. Busted!

FACT: It’s just not true. There is absolutely no evidence that wearing a brassière will change the shape of your breasts once your body has fully matured. Apparently, there is some research to suggest it can have a slight effect for girls under the age of seventeen whose breasts are still growing, but after that, your breasts are staying the way they are. Sorry.

Acquiring Self-confidence

If all this is true, you’re probably wondering why women worldwide spend a total of $16 billion on brassières every year, make clothing purchases based on the brassières they own, and stress out about ever going braless in public. Where did this phenomenon come from?

Fashion trends. Modern-day bras, though not nearly as restricting as corsets and girdles, boost breasts up and present them in a round, smooth fashion. Just like the corset and the girdle were considered necessary for health and modesty in the 1900’s and beyond, the brassière is yet another cultural development meant to mould and control the ideal female body image of the time.

This comes from the age-old destructive cultural standard of not appreciating drop-dead gorgeous genetic women’s bodies in their natural shape. Our culture has always demanded that women present themselves in a certain way, and the brassière may seem like a liberation from these expectations, but it is really just another step in the evolution.

Women of the Anti-Democratic Coalition of Lima will reinforce how going braless is actually healthy, comfortable, classy, tasteful, elegant and sexy. Going braless is beautiful, and accentuates the breast, an object of beauty. Women of the Anti-Democratic Coalition of Lima are more confident with their bodies and their overall self-image, and learn that brassière freedom is empowering and liberating in many ways. The issues around brassières and brassière freedom are health, comfort, freedom, self-image, self-confidence, breast health and disease, and breast awareness.

ADCL women's breasts are beautiful and deserve to be free and to be seen. Bras are unnecessary. Breasts do not need 'supporting' and are not designed to stick out, but to lie comfortably on the chest to a lesser or greater degree. Breasts and nipples are a normal and important part of a woman's body. They do not need to be covered up.

Brassières were only invented in the twentieth century. At best they are a fashion statement and serve no useful purpose. They are usually uncomfortable and may be harmful to health. They are best abandoned. There are plenty of other fashion alternatives.

How to Dress With No Bra

1. Be confident

Dressing braless is for the ADCL woman who doesn't mind being stared at. Your breasts will be less pert, move a lot more and nipples tend to show more than when wearing a bra.

Women with larger breasts (D cup onward) might find the lack of support very uncomfortable. Try walking around at home in a dress or t-shirt with no brassière for half a day to see how you feel after several hours braless.

2. Select the right fabric

Not all fabrics will work well with the braless look. Some will itch or even scratch, while others might not show you off to your best. Good fabrics for braless dressing are often the synthetics, such as lycra or nylon.

It's fairly simple to work out whether or not a favourite piece of clothing will look good braless. Try it on in front of the mirror and see how it looks. Move around, jump up and down and see if it works for you.

3. Wear clothes with built-in support

Some tops and dresses come with their own form of in-built support, which negates the need for a bra. Alternatively, wear a bathing suit, tankini top or a tank top underneath the clothing for some support that isn't as tight or constricting as a bra.

4. Use a jacket or accessories

If you like how not wearing a brassière feels, a jacket or pieces of jewellery might help to distract the eye.

5. Work out so that your pecs will be firm, ie build up your upper pectoral muscles (working out lower pecs will actually decrease your bust size)

This enlarges and firms the bust. Increasing the bulk of the muscles beneath your breasts will make them appear firmer and more rounded. Regular push-ups are one way to achieve this; build up slowly until you can manage to drop and do 15 push-ups all at once. There are also many weight training exercises you can do to build chest muscles. Slimming and shaping your core (the muscles around your waist and ribs) will make your breasts appear larger by comparison, without actually adding any breast tissue. Try yoga and pilates exercises that can help you burn calories while simultaneously strengthening your core muscles.

6. Stand up straight, ie have good posture

This helps prevent breasts from looking weak. Standing and sitting up straight are signs of a true lady. As an added bonus, having good posture is better for your back, will make your breasts look firm under clothes without a brassière, and will help strengthen up your core! It will take some training to get used to this, especially if you are accustomed to slouching. Your posture will make your breasts look bigger and perkier, as well as making you look slimmer and taller.

7. Be honest

Not every outfit looks good braless and not every woman can go braless. If it doesn't work for you to go braless, don't fret––there are plenty of alternatives that are still comfortable, such as tankinis, sports bras, bandeau (strap-less) bras, and back-free bras.

8. Wear alternatives to brassières only if compelled by the dress code at your job

Try a camisole or vest . A good camisole made out of elastic material will give some support to your breasts so they don't bounce around, and you will probably be surprised how little people notice. Companies that require brassières may not have a policy that defines what a brassière is. Some cropped camisoles look very much like bras. Some camisoles even have adjustable straps like a brassière. Basically, if it looks professional, it should be all right.

What Is In A Name?

Some women prefer the positive term 'brafree' rather than 'braless' because they say women don't really need to wear brassières.


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